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Hosted by Simon Gibson, leading lawyer turned global CEO, this upbeat podcast is for legal leaders, lawyers and the legal sector’s future facing suppliers - exploring a fresh take on everything from The Courtroom To The Boardroom and the thought-provoking intersection between law and business.

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EPISODE 8: Cyber Crime, Data Security and Artificial Intelligence for Legal Leaders

n this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Eugenie Michalopoulos, Head of Legal and Data Protection officer at BlueOptima - talks to Simon Gibson about all things cyber attacks, data breaches and AI in the legal sector. We discuss the legal requirements businesses face when keeping data safe, the common mistakes firms make, how artificial intelligence has impacted our trust in what we see online and what legal leaders should be doing about it. Best of all Eugenie gives her best practices for data protection and cybersecurity that all firms should consider!

A proud Liverpudlian with humble beginnings and a natural talent for talk and persuasion, Simon became managing partner of an independent law firm by the age of 25, and in a few short years transformed its profits from £200,000 to £7 million.

Today he’s CEO and founder of Spirant Group, a multi-million pound global business helping to connect high-performing legal and business leaders to the same kind of exponential growth.

On this illuminating podcast, Simon tackles the big issues facing law firms and businesses alike. With the help of guests from the world of business and law, tune in for fascinating conversations on everything from the economy to tech, and discover how the most pressing challenges facing the legal sector can be overcome.

Hit subscribe wherever you get your podcast and tune into the power of applying a lawyer’s learning to CEO thinking.

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#8. Cyber Crime, Data Security and Artificial Intelligence for Legal Leaders

17 May 2023

#7. The Business of the Bar

21 April 2023


22 March 2023

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