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#15. Tech Tracks: The Road of Automotive Intelligence in the Legal Sector

1 November 2023

On this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Nik Ellis – Entrepreneur and Founder of Laird Assessors – joins me to discuss technology in Business. Nik talks about the early stages of his career, his role as the Founder of Laird Assessors and Co-Founder of Swiftcase, the steps he took to develop his own businesses, the challenges he’s faced in his business so far, the difficulty of recruitment in business, the use of AI and the Do’s and Dont’s of Technology in Business. If you didn’t know, me and Nik have previously worked together when I was an Accident and Injury Lawyer in the early 2000’s. We reminisce over this and form new bonds over AI and tech! If you want to learn more about implying AI Features within your own business in 2023, tune into the full episode NOW!


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00:00:00 – Introduction

00:04:56 – Embracing Technology and Reskilling

00:10:05 – The Accessibility of Technology

00:15:02 – Triage and Quick Assessments in the Car Repairs Industry

00:20:00 – Prioritizing Value and Employee Motivation

00:25:05 – Creating a Happy Work Environment

00:30:33 – The Role of AI in the Legal Profession

00:35:37 – AI and Legal Research

00:40:46 – Improving Efficiency with AI in Business

00:45:57 – Thank You for Your Insights