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Simon Gibson is a leading lawyer turned legal-industry leader and CEO of the Spirant Group.

Once one firm’s partner, today the strategic partner to a global community of growing law firms, Simon Gibson has always argued for growth. That’s why today it’s his mission to facilitate others on the same success trajectory.

A senior partner to an independent law firm by the age of 25, Simon was fueled by determined ambitions to scale. He achieved it too, transforming the firm’s profits from £200,000 to £7 million. Yet when it came to global expansion, his firm couldn’t compete. Why? Limited resources meant the tech and the tools for growth were out of reach.

His career in law taught Simon to champion rational risk – not reckless risk. But he knew that to him contentment meant more than just cash balance. So, forced through circumstance to walk away from the courtroom in 2012, Simon headed to the boardroom and began building his case for business growth. Not only for himself, the board and eventually the Spirant Group – but for aspiring leaders like him across the UK.

the idea

The Idea

Connect law firms with the same gutsy passion for success as him, to the people and technology needed for scale.

the idea

The Result

A global group of five legal and tech businesses, built on boxing the tools for growth by offering ‘a law firm in a box’ so that firms can outsource their business needs to experienced professionals.

the idea

The Future

Simon’s enabling other business leaders to tune into the power of applying the rationality of the courtroom, into the boardroom.


Simon’s vision for the Spirant Group is to reshape the way in which firms offering professional services operate – to better equip them to win more business, improve profitability and enhance the experience of their teams.

Since its launch in 2012, Spirant has grown to become a team of more than 150 legal and tech experts with operations in the UK, Australia and the United States of America. It has shaken up markets, transformed how professional services are accessed in international territories and continues to provide companies with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential.

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