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29 November 2023

On this week’s Episode of From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Abigail Bramwell, Business Development Manager at Integrate – joins me to provide valuable insights into the Tech Industry and her experiences as the Business Development Manager of Integrate. We discuss a range of topics, including gender dynamics, current trends in the sector, Abi’s role in business development, advice for newcomers, and predictions for the future in Legal Tech. I share my own experience transitioning my career from Law to technology and the challenges I faced along the way.


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00:00:00 – Introduction

00:04:31 – Improving Technology in Law Firms

00:09:15 – The Challenges of Technology in the Legal Industry

00:14:14 – The Importance of Retention and Good Decision Making in the Legal Tech Industry

00:18:51 – Referrals and Growing Your Network

00:23:38 – Finding Work-Life Balance in Business Development

00:28:21 – Building Client Relationships

00:33:01 – The Fluidity of Tech Solutions in the Legal Industry

00:37:42 – Tech’s Value in Law Firms

00:42:32 – Closing Words