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#14. Mastering The Acquisition Game

27 September 2023

On this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Julie Wilkinson – owner and founder of Wilkinson Accounting Solutions- talks to Simon Gibson about the latest trends in acquisitions in the legal sector. Julie discusses the early stages of her career, why she set up her own business, the importance of providing evidence, how egos can play a part, the vital role technology plays and why acquisitions can go wrong. This is something everyone wants to avoid, if you want to know more about financial activity in 2023 and Simon’s experience of going through this challenging process, tune into the full episode!


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00:00 – Introduction

02:23 – Julie’s background & career journey

05:22 – Julie’s masterclass on the basics of accountancy

10:26 – Wilkinson’s acquisitions & assets sale

19:00 – Egos & providing evidence

24:50 – The role of technology in acquisitions

29:53 – Ad break

31:22 – Why do acquisitions go wrong?

35:24 – Words of advice for businesses post-deal\

40:00 – Reduction in funding & financial activity in 2023

44:21 – Final words