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Simon’s vision for the Spirant Group is to reshape the way in which firms offering professional services operate – to better equip them to win more business, improve profitability and enhance the experience of their teams.

Since its launch in 2012, Spirant has grown to become a team of more than 150 legal and tech experts with operations in the UK, Australia and the United States of America. It has shaken up markets, transformed how professional services are accessed in international territories and continues to provide companies with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential.


A market leader in the field of personal injury law, Accident Claims Lawyers specialises in providing expert advice to those who have suffered serious and life-changing injuries. The company takes great pride in helping to secure the necessary physical, mental and financial support needed to put lives back on track.


Since its formation in 2017, Accident Claims Lawyers’ operation in Western Australia has built on the incredible success of its UK counterpart, establishing itself as a major personal injury claims firm in the Southern Hemisphere.

Zeus Tech Solutions

Launched in 2016, Zeus Tech Solutions is at the spearhead of advancing the use of technology across the legal sector. Driving business efficiencies through automation, it is a leading provider of case management system support and a developer of bespoke products that are tailored to meet the needs of its clients.

Novus Claims Solutions

A rich resource of paralegal, operational and administrative support, Novus Claims Solutions provides law firms with the tools needed to support business growth by mitigating the expense and investment of time in recruitment, retention and training activities.


Connecting law firms seeking specialist support for cases with medical expertise, InstaMed is an innovative digital platform. With the click of a button, users can source appointments, access detailed reports and rehabilitation services, and liaise with prominent clinicians.


As the host of upbeat podcast, From the Courtroom To The Boardroom, Simon tackles the big issues facing law firms and businesses alike with the help of intriguing leaders from the world of law and business.

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