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#5. Reinventing The Model Of A Law Firm

8 March 2023

On this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Tom Allen, Partner and Family Lawyer at Carbon Law, talks to me about bravely stepping away from his traditional legal career. Carbon Law Partners are one of a few new legal structures who have emerged in recent years, supporting legal consultancy. We discuss how newer models, like Carbon Law’s, differ from traditional law firms, what the impact of this is on lawyers, the risks, the barriers to overcome and if, in fact, this can successfully pave the way for a new business model in law that benefits both lawyers and clients alike. Should more firms follow suit? Tune in to find out.


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00:00 – Introduction

03:03 – Tom’s background & his law career journey

06:50 – What is Carbon Law?

10:37 – Dealing with partnership struggles

19:10 – Ad break

20:39 – Work & mental wellbeing

23:04 – The early days of Carbon Law

26:49 – Fitting family life around work life

30:48 – The infrastructure at Carbon Law

34:07 – Marketing a law firm/company

37:52 – Work culture & ethos

42:14 – Top tips for future law entrepreneurs

44:03 – How to overcome anxiety of career risk & uncertainty