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#7. The Business of the Bar

21 April 2023

On this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Stephen Ward, Managing Director of Clerksroom, Legal Innovator, Barristers’ Clerk, Speaker and Author – talks to Simon Gibson about all things tech and disruption at the Bar. We discuss Stephen’s experience as one of the youngest senior Barristers’ clerks in the country at Temple and Gray’s Inn, the challenges he faced disrupting the traditions of the business of the Bar, the biggest opportunities for tech innovation for Barrister’s today and if the Clerksroom ‘virtual chambers’ model, really is better for Barristers.


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0:00 – Introduction

6:29 – What is ‘Clerksroom’

9:35 – The challenges in disrupting the traditional model

11:32 – Solicitors setting their own budgets

15:04 – Mental well-being of barristers

16:16 – Mental well-being of barristers

19:22 – Navigating the vision and plan

21:11 – Ad Break

22:41 – Lawyers implementing new technology & good leadership

27:32 – Billybot & AI

35:41 – Market chance and deregulating the legal marketplace

39:49 – Metaverse

43:43 – International aspirations