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#9.Business in the Middle East – Innovation and Opportunity

7 June 2023

On this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Rany Sader, Chief Legal Innovation Officer and Senior Partner at SADER & Associates – talks to me about all things Business in the Middle East and how firms can operate. We discuss international expansion, Rany’s experience as one of the most well known lawyers in the middle east, challenges businesses will face expanding, the importance of protecting your intellectual property, how Rany helps his clients and most controversially, whether AI is an opportunity or a threat.


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0:00 – Introduction, Rany’s background and career overview

7:07 – Western law firms entering the Middle East

12:56 – Similarities & differences in different languages used in court

16:00 – Other challenges businesses face when expanding into the Middle Eastern market

24:00 – Ad read

25:30 – Compromising company values & morals to fit into a foreign market

32:13 – Main factors businesses should consider to protect their IP when globalising

36:41 – Key principles innovators should consider to protect their IP when globalising

41:41 – How Rany helps his clients

43:12 – Rany & SADER’s future

49:29 – AI. Opportunity or threat?

54:27 – Final words