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#13. Negotiation Masterclass

30 August 2023

On this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Dr Josh Weiss – Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Specialist, Author, Consultant & Speaker – talks to me about his academic and professional career as an Expert in Negotiation. He discusses his series, ‘Negotiator in You’ and tells us the different key principals of successful negotiation and how they can be applied to work, home and life environments. He believes that there are Core Principals to negotiating and this is what he follows to put negotiating into practice. I dive deeper into my own experience of Legal Negotiation during my career as a Lawyer. 


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0:00 – Episode introduction

2:44 – The art of negotiation

17:53 – The core principles of negotiations and compromises

27:05 – Ad read

28:34 – Highly charged emotions in negotiation

37:44 – What situations should you decide not to negotiate?

41:27 – Why children aren’t good at negotiation!

54:53 – Final words