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#8. Cyber Crime, Data Security and Artificial Intelligence

17 May 2023

On this week’s From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Eugenie Michalopoulos, Head of Legal and Data Protection officer at BlueOptima – talks to Simon Gibson about all things cyber attacks, data breaches and AI. We discuss the legal requirements businesses face when keeping data safe, the common mistakes firms make, how artificial intelligence has impacted our trust in what we see online and what legal leaders should be doing about it. Best of all Eugenie gives her best practices for data protection and cyber security that all firms should consider!


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0:00 – Introduction

2:33 – Eugénie’s background & journey

5:25 – What is data?

6:16 – Confidentiality

11:56 – Should we pause the development of AI?

22:01 – Key principles for businesses for cyber/data protection

29:00 – Ad read

30:29 – How can hackers breach your security?

38:53 – The cost data breach can have on your business

40:13 – How Eugénie helps her clients

43:49 – How to prepare for the future