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#4. The Future business is Neurodivergent

22 February 2023

On this week’s episode of From The Courtroom to the Boardroom, Brian Cullen and Joanna Kingston Davies, leaders of the MAPD Group, talk to me about all things neurodiversity in the legal sector, business and society. MAPD ‘Make A Positive Difference’ Group are an alliance of law firms based throughout the UK, who are founded on the principals of making a valuable impact in the community and the lives of their workforce. We discuss our personal experiences of neurodiverse people, the pitfalls in the conventional school curriculum when it comes to neurodiversity, office environments and politics, and how this is affecting current and future lawyers. How can your businesses or law firm make a difference? Tune in to find out.


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0:00 – Intro

3:08 – Introduction to today’s guests

4:04 – Experience with neurally diverse children

9:14 – Challenging the definition of ‘neurodiversity’

13:34 – Issues with the current education system

21:25 – Auto-recognition & Chat GPT

24:28 – Ad break

25:58 – Education & Neurodiversity stats

30:46 – Neurodiversity in the law sector

34:08 – Struggles of neurally diverse children & exams

38:08 – Solutions to make the workplace neurodiverse friendly

50:58 – Tips for law firms to become more successful with neurodiverse employees

53:47 – Final words