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Stress Awareness Month

14 April 2022

With hybrid working now firmly established as the new normal for many firms, this year’s Stress Awareness Month serves as a timely reminder for employers that having people back at desks does not mean they can stop caring.

The uncertainty, loneliness and isolation experienced by some during the Covid outbreak are unlikely to lift as quickly as the restrictions. Such feelings impact mental wellbeing and health.

Many may find that adjusting to life post pandemic – be it returning to a busy office or the hectic morning commute – comes with its own stresses and the need for a supporting shoulder remains.

The Spirant Group of companies will not be unique in having prioritised its people throughout the UK’s – and in our case also Australia’s – lockdowns and I hope others are as equally mindful as we are about incorporating any special measures implemented over the past two years into whatever form their ‘business as usual’ now looks like.

Covid may have been the catalyst for some of Spirant’s support schemes but having vaccinations in arms and fewer virtual meetings in diaries does not mean they will be mothballed. 

For example, the wellness coach we sought the services of in the immediate aftermath of the Prime Minister’s mandate to “stay home, save lives” remains a resource available to all employees of our businesses – Accident Claims Lawyers UK, Accident Claims Lawyers Australia, Zeus Tech Solutions, Novus Claims Solutions and InstaMed.

Staff continue to have unrestricted access to Sian Quipp, a qualified cognitive hypnotherapist and personal development coach; with no cap on the number of sessions available or need to seek line management approval. 

We fully intend to leave the taxi meter running on this service as part of our wider wellbeing policy and while doing so is not driven by any desire for a return on investment, the goodwill it generates contributes to Spirant being a place people want to work. 

In my experience, a happy workforce is a productive one and the Group’s excellent performance throughout the pandemic – and since – is a salute to the contentment of our talented teams.

As a CEO, I appreciate the nudge afforded by Stress Awareness Month but have no intention of confining my concern over the welfare and wellbeing of Spirant’s employees to April’s 30 days.